Friday, August 19, 2011

Today at work

My work bench. High heels and rawhide chews.

This was my work bench today. Trying to get a Saint Bernard to chew on a shoe. I know everyone thinks that all you have to do is present a shoe to a dog and they should chew it right? Wrong. Why would they? Only naughty dogs who have nothing better to do raid the closet and chew up your footwear. So when we are called upon to have a dog chew on a show we have to come up with some creative ways to entice them. With the two Saint Bernards we were working with, it seems a rawhide chew or bully stick does the trick.

First we started with food. Stuffing chicken in the toe of the shoe, rubbing baby food on the inside. That didn't work - too licky. We don't want shoe licking we want shoe chewing.

We ended up drilling holes into the shoe and zip tied a rawhide chew to the inside of the chew. That seemed to work quite well. One of the dogs Buck liked it immediately. The other dog Molly, got bored with it quickly if she couldn't get the chew out - she we had to place chips of chicken jerky behind the chew that she could get to and "win", this made her happy and kept her going back and looking for more!

Operation chew shoe was successful!

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carla said...

That's really interesting.
I can see where they would want to lick and how that wouldn't be the picture you were trying for.