Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dorito Dogs: Dorito Toss

For nearly a year I have been thinking about the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. Its a contest where anyone can make a 30 second commercial (preferably about Doritos if you want SOME chance of winning) you submit it - Doritos picks their 5 favorites and then for nearly the month of January anyone and everyone can vote for their favorite out of those 5. The winner then gets their commercial aired during the Super Bowl, and its then, they have a chance of winning a million dollars.

I am a dog trainer. I have never had any desire to make a commercial, a short film, direct, produce or whatever. But for a year this is all I have thought about. I had the concept clearly in my head. I patiently waited all year for Doritos to announce the contest - which they did the first week in October. Then it was game on. Within a week I had myself a director and within two weeks we had a shoot date, a location and the majority of the crew hired to shoot my commercial on Oct 30th. I ended up with a crew of nearly 30 people that worked tirelessly to make my dream of a year come true.

The deadline was November 21st. We turned the footage over to a friend who edited the footage and was able to come up with three wonderful versions of my concept. About ten days before the deadline we did all the voice overs for the dogs - pulling in some favors from some actor friends who put the icing on this already delicious cupcake!!

I submitted all three spots a couple of days before the deadline. This year Doritos had approximately 6100 submissions, and sadly, I did not make the cut.

People have asked me if am going to do it again. The answer is NO. Lol. This was a one time thing. It was fun, rewarding, and I had an amazing group of people that all rallied together to do this for me. I couldn't ask for more!

Many, many thanks to everyone involved. The below commercial was version two, Dorito Dogs - Dorito Toss (the toss and landing, was a complete fluke by the way, no special effects, no trickery, just a lucky accident.)

I will post the third version and the behind the scenes video. What a day!!


Patrice and Higgins said...

That was a great commercial! I hate that it didn't get picked!!

SC said...

Thanks!! I was CONVINCED I would be one of the finalists!

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Vet said...

I thought it was super cute! I have a feeling it will be watched and enjoyed more than the official winners!

SC said...

Thanks :)

Juci Luci said...

Really enjoyed it- all the footage, not just the commercial. Crying shame it didnt get picked Sue.. but congrats on making it a reality. Another tick on your list of things you want to do! Big Love Luci x

SC said...

Thanks Luci!! xx

susan jaffe said...

You did an excellent job on both ..not that fond of of burying a cat image on the winner.Peeing on things and doing MBuld cats in seems funny to show biz..

Did you do the other commercials in the reel ..pedigree etc?

SC said...

Hi Susan - thanks for your comment! Do you mean when the video ends there are other videos you can click on and watch - I think there was a Pedigree one in there? No, I did not. Those are videos (I'm guessing) YouTube shows as similar videos that you might be interested in watching - I have done Pedigree commercials before, not that one though :)