Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chopper Look-a-likes...

I have decided to display all of your Chopper Look-a-likes in one place, in an online album for all to see and enjoy! So follow the link below and you will see all of your wonderful dogs that look so much like Chopper from the Travelers Insurance commercials.

Link to: Chopper Look-a-Like Album.

You can continue to send me any new photos and I will add them to the album. For those of you who only sent a video - I am only posting photos, so if you want to represent, you need to send me a photo!


Peter said...

Just have to say - Chopper makes me happy every time I see him. It would be amazing to come home to that face at the end of a hard day!

I saw an ad for Cymbalta, and that has to be Chopper. If having that dog in my life wasn't enough to cure my depression, then I probably would need medication :D

SC said...

Ain't that the truth!