Saturday, September 1, 2012


I know I'm a little behind the times. I only just now watched Downton Abbey.  Both the first and second season and I'm hooked.

I love watching period pieces from this era. I can imagine my grandfather living during these times and get a sense of what his life was like.

One of the cool things I see on this show is a type of bus called a Charabanc. It's been featured a few times - not sure if it's a real Charabanc or a reproduction made specifically for the show, but either way I wanted to share a family photo of my great grandparents taking a ride in a Charabanc!!!


Carla said...

Missed you, glad you are back!
Where are your gr. grandparents in the car? Do you know what year it was taken?
Cool that you have the picture!

SC said...

Thanks Carla - its been a rough year. Trying to get back to normal.

My Gr. Grandparents are second row from the back. Gr. Grandfather is closest, there's a young man between them and then my Gr. Grandmother in what looks like a fur coat!

This picture didn't have a date on it - but other pictures taken around the same time would indicate that this was around 1936 - 1940? I am lucky that my entire family are photo freaks, so I have a really cool collection. I am starting a new blog for a life style company (I am their on staff trainer and designer of their new pet line) I will post something here when I get going on that so you can check it out.